CSX understand the frustrations of recovering from injury. We ensure that administrative oversights and limited access to medical professionals do not delay your return to sport.
Track Injuries
Your "injury history" stores details of all your injuries. You can share this with as many people as you choose.
Receive Advice
In cases of concussion, our system provides you with regular advice so you know how to best recover.
At Home Tasks
Easy tasks to track progress that can be done at home, improves the information for your health care professional while also helping you to understand your progress.
CSX keeps everyone you want to know updated about your recovery so that you don’t have to.
Frequently Asked Questions
The brain has often been forgotten about. When we are not feeling well we take our temperature or your doctor will check your blood pressure or heart rate... but we tend to forget about our most precious organ. CSX understands that your brain needs a test to help with diagnosis and management of brain health.
What is CSX?

CSX provides peace of mind to individuals, parents, schools, clubs, coaches and healthcare professionals in Concussion Management. With app based management tools CSX helps to log injuries, notify parties, educate and monitor brain health during recovery.

CSX is the world's most popular and first fully mobile concussion management system. Originally built for professional athletes, and the tool used by World Rugby, NRL, AFL, England and New Zealand Cricket, we have now made this available for everyone.

CSX cloud based system provides a powerful tool that easy to use and gives you the tools to collect data, learn what to do and where to go. The ability to record the information that your health care profession can use to make objective decisions and guide you in a return to sport.

CSX is only a tool to help with the management of concussion, CSX does not and can not diagnose concussion

Recent evidence shows that a concussion is not always a single event and that repeated small blows to the head can have a cumulative effect on brain health.

If you, or your child, participates in any organised sport or activity that puts them at potential risk it pays to set a baseline so if there is an injury or you are concerned you have some real data to test against.

Your personal CSX baseline provides a benchmark snapshot of your brain health covering multiple cognitive domains, including memory, impulse control, colour recognition, concentration, balance and others.

Concussions affect different people in different ways. After a concussion, the CSX app uses your Personal Baseline as a comparison point to ensure you are assessed against, and return to, your optimum performance.

When your child has sustains a head injury playing sport, you might not be sideline and it is more than likely a doctor is not sideline. It is imperative we capture as much player data as possible at the time of the injury.

Visible concussion signs can last for a very short time and collecting data at the point of injury can be key to improving the long term management of concussion and giving the healthcare professionals information that they can use in their assessment.

Often when/if you see a doctor later, your child looks normal and in many case people don’t go to a doctor because their symptoms have gone BUT this does not mean they don’t have a concussion.

Concussion symptoms can not always been ‘seen’ and some are transient changing in severity depending on activity. Symptoms can take a varying length of time to go away ( on average 7 – 28 days ) and 1 in 10 concussions take even longer to get better.

The key functions of the CSX app:

  • Aid in the recognise and removal of players with suspected concussion.
  • Increase education and awareness around concussion signs and symptoms.
  • Improve notification and communication with players, parents, schools, clubs and healthcare providers.
  • Help identify red flags that need urgent action.
  • Track symptoms during the recovery phases.
  • Reduce the chance of a second concussion.
  • Aid in returning to learning and performance at school.
  • Forward concussion information to parents, coaches, medical staff, athletes and sport officials.

A concussion is a type of traumatic brain injury caused by a bump, blow or jolt to the head that can change the way your brain normally works. Concussions can also occur from a blow to the body that causes the head to move rapidly back and forth.

Important to note, that most concussions do NOT involve loss of consciousness. Diagnosis is based on symptoms. The majority of concussions (80-90%) heal in a short period of time (7-10 days). No two concussions are alike. Healing time varies from person to person.

Concussion is considered to be among the most complex injuries in sports medicine to diagnose, assess and manage.

If not treated, it can have nasty, long-term consequences. People with an untreated concussion may suffer from headaches and fatigue.

The CSX app is available to download worldwide through the App Store and Google Play.