Concussion management tool used by professional athletes


What is CSX app?

For a long time, doctors and healthcare professionals relied on pencil-and-paper tests to measure brain health and there was no involvement from the individual or parents outside the doctors office.

Modern technology enables us to bring these tests into the 21st century and offer easy, affordable access to your own brain health data that can be shared and collected from multiple sources.

CSX is a cognitive assessment aid that helps you track individuals’ brain health over time and screen for sudden changes after a potential brain injury that may require additional medical attention.

With CSX, you use your smartphone or tablet to perform a series of tasks to make up an assessment to get an individual’s unique brain health score. The CSX tasks cover key areas commonly affected by brain injuries: balance, reaction time, coordination, short-term memory, long-term memory, color recognition, impulse control, pattern recognition and problem-solving.

Designed for everyday use at all levels of sport, the app’s tests make it easy to collect comprehensive, objective and player-specific data. Data can be shared with health care professionals to aid their evaluation and care recommendations.

Set Your Baseline
CSX is personalised. Your baseline will assess balance, coordination, reaction time, memory and concentration.
Log Suspected Concussions
Once a suspected concussion is logged all related parties are notified and medical clearance required prior to returning to full training.
Monitor & Analyse
Track cognitive changes against your baseline, providing real actionable information about your brain health.
Create A Team
Add children, players & colleagues to your griup configuration; visible through a single login.
Access Anytime & Anywhere
Your data is kept in our secure centralised database, and available through our website and apps.
Share Reports
Results sync across all your devices and to linked accounts. You can also share with your health care provider, if you so choose.
How it works

CSX is an easy-to-use interactive tests, you can assess your cognitive health on your computer, iPhone or iPad and view your results on the spot.

Wearable sensor technology

Wearable Sensor Monitor players head during sports. Accurate head impact data seeing the unseen improving player safety Teams have many ways to monitor players physical loads, intensity, metres travelled, speed and positioning during a game through GPS systems, video and other technology. Monitoring players is increasingly common place with teams at a variety of levels, once recognised as something for the Elite it is now adopted at lower levels including schools in the pursuit of high performance.

Measuring and recording impacts reliably to get the load that a player is experiencing has not historically been possible.

CSX sensors have been developed to fill that gap. Using an intelligent micro sensors to collect all the accelerations of the head either as the result of a direct impactor as a consequence of another movement rapidly moving the head. The system counts the impacts and tracks the individual impact and the cumulative head loading.

Advances in sensor technology make it possible to develop a sensor capable in measuring the true peak of an acceleration in contact sport. CSX sensors are unique in the speed and frequency of data capture offering a true insight into the forces experienced. Monitoring the head provides highly actionable information that has the potential to make sport safer and help individuals, coaches, parents and organisations with the management of the concussion risk. The availability of objective and accurate head impact information enables better in-game identification of players for sideline evaluation. The big one of injury is way to see but the cumulative injury is not. Knowing the load that an athlete has experienced offers true insight into if they may need a cognitive screen with the CSX app.

The main benefits of the CSX sensor system are:
  • Identify players with potential cumulative loading
  • Real-time constant monitoring enables support staff and eventually parents to decide if a player needs to be removed during the game or at the end of the game if they should be evaluated further. This data driven decision making process ensures that players who did not receive any one event are not missed. Tracking the load on the brain also has the potential to flow through to the training field with improved management of training load. This approach has the potential to assist with recovery and return from concussion but also to prolong players careers.

  • Improve playing technique and management
  • Identify players who are experiencing higher brain loads can help coaches look at why this may be, in conjunction with video analysis can the potential risk factors be identified and changes in technique implemented to reduce the load. Managing the brain load throughout a season is key to long term performance.

  • Track patterns in your organization
  • Administrators will have key insight into brain loads, enabling them to assess and compare leagues and teams against each other. Identify specific groups that are outliers and make data driven decisions. Administrators will be able to help drive safety in the game with real data. Comparisons between teams, players, positions, teams, age groups and other data points provide the information to make fact-based decisions about the direction of their sport.

  • Improved research data collection
  • The research community are now able to collect data in the field on a mass level. The CSX sensor technology offers insight that was only previously able to be gathered in a lab with extremely expensive equipment.

    The CSX app is available to download worldwide through the App Store and Google Play.