Built by a Sports Therapist for Elite Athletes


The most important thing is to manage a concussion properly and ensure the brain is looked after. This can only be done with data and that is the gap CSX is looking to fill.
50% Unreported
1 in 2 concussions go unreported or undetected.
Female Susceptibility
Girls' soccer sees the second-most concussions of all high school sports. Girls’ basketball sees the third most.
20% Concussion Rate
20% of high-school athletes who play contact sports, including soccer and lacrosse, will suffer a concussion this year.
1 in 5 Athletes per Season
1 in 5 high school athletes will sustain a sports concussion during a school season.
3.8 million Concussions
There are 3.8 million sport and recreation related concussions occur each year in the U.S alone.
16% Play the Same Day
16% of football players who sustain a concussion severe enough to cause loss of consciousness return to play the same day.

As an sports physiotherapist with elite rugby teams, CSX CEO and founder Ed Lodge knew all too well that concussions can be serious – especially if left undetected and untreated. After finishing with his involvement with Rugby teams and elite sport Ed began to be involved with performance technology. A period living in the US Ed could see the potential problems coming the way of rugby and set about to develop technology that would help people stay involved in the game. Now as a parent he wants his children to enjoy playing sport and doing it in a safe manner.

When CSX was formed the conversation around concussion was only just starting, Ed was determined to provide a tool that would work if he was still involved as a physio with rugby teams. Starting with the professional sport the goal was to deliver a practical, affordable management tool to help players, teams, schools, parents, doctors and leagues baseline, detect and track changes in brain function.

The vision for CSX is to be able to provide solutions to keep people playing sport, the benefits of playing sport are huge for people at all ages and concussion can happen while playing sport or in other aspects of life like the playground. The most important thing is to manage a concussion properly and ensure the brain is looked after, this can only be done with data and that is the gap CSX is looking to fill.

The CSX Leadership Team
Ed Lodge - Founder, Chief Executive Officer

Ed is the founder of the business. Prior to founding CSX, Ed has conceived and developed other technology start ups including an altitude simulator company in NZ and the US (working with leading Nike trainers, Athletes,Velocity Sports Performance and Special Forces members) and Wearable Tech with E2 Ltd and now CSX.

Ed's background prior to his involvement with technology start ups is in physiotherapy and sports medicine working with elite athletes and international rugby teams giving him a comprehensive understanding of the issues and opportunities with performance sport as well as the perfect contact base to make those ideas successful.

The CSX app is available to download worldwide through the App Store and Google Play.