CSX is not intended to diagnose concussions or make return-to-play decisions.  CSX is a tool to be used to collect data and help with the management of concussion as set out in concussion protocols. A complete concussion and return-to-play assessment should not be made based on the data in the app alone, and should only be made after a user has received a medical examination by a qualified healthcare professional.

Baseline Assessment

Establishing a baseline is a simple informative process. No need to use a computer or anything more than your smartphone. Schools and clubs can easily test large numbers of players ensuring that everyone has a baseline recorded before the season starts. The CSX baseline process also helps the players to identify what concussion symptoms are and starts the education process.

Injury Assessment

Documentation is key to concussion management and with our open cases feature, all tests are grouped under a specific injury enabling the progress to be tracked effectively. The information collected on CSX helps healthcare professionals to make objective diagnosis and return-to-play decisions.

Return to Play

Symptom tracking is crucial to recovery and current evidence suggests a symptom guided return to sport is key. With the CSX symptom tracking you can easily record reported symptoms throughout the recovery process. Using the symptom checklist you can enter the severity of 22 standard symptoms.

The CSX app is available to download worldwide through the App Store and Google Play.