A new Tool in the kitbag

The CSx sensor delivers important information needed as part of the overall management of players well being. In the same way team doctors use other data like heart rates and GPS data, the sensor will provide insight into accelerations and forces that they may not have seen. The sensor does not diagnose a concussion rather provides accurate previously unavailable live information which combined with testing and baseline data can aid in clinical decision-making.

Active Team Monitoring

Sensor monitoring takes place in real time at squad level throughout the season in matches and importantly in training as well. The system measures and records all impacts to the head as they happen transmitting the data through to the sideline flagging to the team medical staff impacts and accelerations beyond certain thresholds. By being able to monitor loads in real time medical teams have another piece of information to help them manage players. Visual indicators and alert zones are set by the medical team and are fully customisable to highlight specific data they are interested in.

Clear Visual Indicators

With the CSx sensor integrated into the CSx Impact Hub, impact data is presented in a simple visual fashion, clearly highlighting a player’s cumulative impact force sustained against a graduated colour matrix of Green to Yellow to Orange to Red. This alerts medical staff of the forces that have occurred and provides data to aid in clinical decision making.