The CSx Impact Hub

The CSx Impact Hub uses multi-modal testing to deliver secure management of players concussion related information. 

It allows you to easily administer tests, compare data, share reports and control account access whilst engaging with players to actively help in their concussion management. 

Medical Information

Each profile can store additional medical information vital to that player including treatments, medications, vaccinations and allergies. Because everything is cloud based, full access is still available when the team is on tour or even playing in local competitions.

Powerful Concussion Management

The CSx Hub provides a set of tools for managing players with sideline assessments to aid in concussion diagnosis and when it is safe to return to play.

Using the CSx Impact Hub any compliance to regulatory guidelines is simple to deliver and the history of players can be tracked throughout their career to help identify potential problems early on to proactively manage player welfare. 

Through CSx, National bodies and sporting codes have the ability to implement their own unique protocols and tests within a customised CSx Impact Hub.

Cloud Stored Data

The system can be accessed anywhere, anytime and sync'd with the touch of a button. Paper tests can be made electronic, allowing medical teams to make decisions based on real data at their fingertips. E-mailable reports can then be generated at the touch of a button and shared with medical coordinators and governing bodies. 


Paper tests don’t allow the true degree of on-field impacts to be measured and monitored. Working with either the iOS or Android operating system, the CSx Impact Hub provides an unprecedented level of information, all backed up and accessible from the cloud. It’s data that team management and medical staff can use to make faster, better decisions on the health of their players and the fitness of the whole team.

Data Security

We’ve ensured that all data is secure but accessible. CSx Headguard is cloud-based to meet all current data protection law compliance. Cloud storage is flexible, reliable and highly scalable with geographic redundancy. All data is stored in Amazon’s AWS Server based on the continent you’re located in. AWS complies with EU Safe Harbour laws and allows CSx to store sensitive information from international sports organisations, including those in the USA.